Please follow the below Microblading aftercare advice in order to ensure the best colour retention and healed results from your microblade eyebrows.

Please note that your brows will appear darker immediately after treatment. This is perfectly normal and is a result of the natural oxidisation process of the pigment reacting with oxygen in the air, turning it darker. Please do not be alarmed as this colour will fade during the first few days and will continue to do so throughout the skin’s healing process.

Additionally, most clients will develop patchy areas or fading after the initial treatment. This will give you time to reflect on the shape and colour before your follow-up appointment. It is important to understand that a retouch after 6 weeks is essential as this is a two-step procedure. The follow-up appointment will complete the process to ensure that enough pigment has been implanted into the skin. Please do be patient.

Please refer to the following microblading aftercare instructions for 7-10 days post treatment:

  • Cleanse the area twice daily (morning and evening) with a cotton pad and cooled boiled water. This will keep the area clean and help to prevent scabbing
  • Apply a thin layer of microblading aftercare ointment to the area twice daily after bathing with cooled boiled water.  It is important to keep the area moisturised to promote healing, prevent scabbing and retain pigment. Please do not use Vaseline or petroleum jelly as this will block the skin and hinder the healing process, leading to blurred strokes.  Aftercare ointment will be issued to you at your treatment
  • Avoid water directly on the brow area with the exception of cleansing the brow area twice daily as directed.
  • Avoid all face creams, cleansers, exfoliants, and make-up directly on the brow area for at least seven days.
  • Avoid heavy exercise for at least a week following treatment.
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, steam room, sun bed and sun bathing until the area is fully healed.
  • Caring properly for your brows by following the microblading aftercare guidelines in as directed should prevent scabbing, but if this does occur do not pick any scabs or dry skin that may form during the healing process.  This may result in the loss of pigment, infection or damage to the skin.
  • Some itching is normal and to be expected as the skin heals.  Please do not scratch the area.
  • Some fading and loss of pigment may occur during the healing process and some flaking off of the pigment is normal, although there should still be pigment under the skin. If no pigment is present this will be corrected at the first touch-up appointment.
  • The pigment in the top layer of skin will naturally exfoliate away as part of the skin’s regeneration process and may appear cloudy. It may, therefore, seem that the hair strokes have faded significantly. This is normal and over the 4-6 weeks healing period the skin will be become more translucent, revealing the pigment below. Judgement of your final results should be deferred until one month following the initial procedure. Under no circumstances should any further treatment be carried out during this period. Any gaps or missing pigment will be corrected at the first top-up appointment.
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